Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My View

With the snow still up to the roof here most of my view is the inside of a snow bank, however there is a cave melted by the air rising from my open window. The view is always changing as new icicles form, sometimes gathering snow as storms blow by outside. The cave works well for letting light without it being totaly blinding, it also stops the wind, a bit, so I can have my window open even if it it windy outside.
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With the warmer weather our precipetation is getting wetter, two days ago we had a blizzard, but it was blowing a very sticky mixture of sleet and snow. This is a view of one of the trailers where the night shift workers sleep. As you can see, it is fairly well coated with ice. Just imagin weather like this in a city!
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Internet dish

This is my link to the internet, how I am posting to this blog, checking my email, chatting to family and sending my data to the ofice. Now that the weather is warming up here the snow is getting more sticky and has been forming a layer of ice on the dish, so during storms when everyone is in camp and wants the internet the most some brave soule has to venture out onto the roof and scrape the ice off the dish.
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Big day for Pingualuit Crater.

On May 25th I seem to have had a unusually large number of visitors to my blog, 125 in total, many, I think were looking for Pingualuit Crater, some specifically for pictures of said crater. I don't know why it is suddenly of so much interest. Any one visiting here looking for the crater leave me a comment - I'd be interested to know why you are interested in this crater.

Sunday, May 27, 2007


Sadly we are not doing anything as exciting as launching a rocket. Nick and Terry are conducting a probe test in a test loop we have laid out in Raglan.
We take readings with the probes in an area that we know to be free of conductors, this allows us to accuratly calibrate the probes.
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Last week We were testing some equipment, and enjoying a great spring day in the tundra.
I was messing about with my wideangle lense and got a rather interesting of Nick, the wid angle really exagerated the nose and chin.

I ran a high pass filter on a copy layer in photoshop, made the layer monochrome, and pumped up the contrast, then reduced the opacity of the copy layer. This filtering exagerates textures and variations in contrast.

As a side note: similar filtering it used in the processing of geophysical data, though not the kind we are producing here.
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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Spring on the way?

This is my 6th try posting this image - I'll add more comments if this works.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Break-up in Northern Quebec

Well I have been in Raglan for a few days now and it is still very much winter, though not as cold as it was back in March, only about -10C now. We are still getting a lot of snow and the wind is keeping it moving. However, the days are getting longer, it gets light about 4:00 and dosent get properly dark till after 22:00.
The above image was taken on the flight up here, the open water is a sign that spring is slowly making it's way north.

with the warmer weather up here work is going well, the drills are running all the time, so we have plenty on holes to survey and loops to lay, much better than sitting in camp wating for a break in the weather.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

In Montreal

Well I am back on the road to Raglan. While sitting in my motel room In Montreal I saw this dude eating butter cups on the grass outside my room. Not quite sure what he is, but he didn't look to pleased when he noticed me.

Update - I just had a google around and I think it is a Marmot (woodchuck) I didn't think to ask him how much wood he would chuck, if he could chuck wood.
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