Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sliding at Flatrock

On the north west facing side of the beamer (a 1km long peninsula in Flatrock) the 550 million year old sea bed is exposed and dips at about 20 degrees to the west. This winter ice has formed on several parts of this surface making walking out there an interesting, but possibly dangerous way to pass an afternoon. We also found that the ice can be quite fun as if provides a great surface for sliding - no sled required! Unfortunately this image fails to convey the motion, but rest assured that you can reach some pretty high speeds sliding on these ice sheets.

It should be noted that the beamer is notorious for the lives claimed by the waves pounding it's shores. We were sliding well out of reach of the waves and separated from them by several hundred metres of grass, boulders and rather short trees.
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Richard Loader said...

That looks like serious fun - and great to see the blog posts coming once again - Cheers, Dad