Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gasifier wood stove

For a few weeks now I have been trying to build a gasifier camp stove. This is a camp stove that efficiently burns wood. In a camp fire wood burns inefficiently, in fact much of it is not burned at all. Much of the combustible material is lost as smoke and is left behind as ash. Also, most of the heat is lost and is not easily directed to heat food. A camp stove is very convenient, but you have to lug fuel with you and the fuel is usually non-renewable fossil fuel.
My plan is to design a wood burning camp stove, that has the portability of a camp stove, but Burns wood. Currently it works, but the flames are a bit big. I am going to experiment to see if I can get the heat a bit more concentrated at the top of the stove, like a real camp stove. Fore a more complete description of my stove check out The Brain Saver
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Joc said...

I have just found this stove
Looks OK

Tom said...

Hey Joc,
I guess you must get an allert every time someone blogs about a wood powered camp stove. You left a similar comment and link on my other blog.

I took a look at the site you linked to, the stove looks nice, a handy little unit that packs down well, however I am not sure I would pay for something I could build easily my self.

plumbing pipe said...

Catalytic types use and a combustor and makes it easier to clean and maintain. A non catalytic re-circulates the ash and deposits a part of it on the stove making regular cleaning necessary.