Sunday, May 24, 2009

3lb'er / 1.3kg'er

The fishing season opened here last week, on Friday night the conditions looked about right so I headed up to the pond to see if anything was moving up there.

It was one of those nights when there wasn't much on the go, I think a couple of cold nights had killed the flies, so the fish were not feeding. After about an hour of changing flies I caught a reasonable little ~1lb trout, then the large fish started feeding just as it got dark, I could hear them splashing out in the middle of the pond. I tried a place I know where the larger fish sometimes come close to shore and as I was drawing the fly in there was a little "slurp" at the fly, I hesitated then struck it, sure enough it was a fish. After about 20 minutes of fighting I wrestled this 21 inch beast into my 12 inch net.
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Neil said...

Holy crow. I'm jealous. I guess the houses ruining the shoreline haven't scared them all away yet....