Thursday, June 18, 2009

Raglan... Again

After a week in Val-dOr I made the trip north via LG2 and Povirnituk to Raglan. This shot was taken through the rather dirty window of a twin otter as we approached the landing strip.
I have to say every time I fly on a twin otter I am more impressed with what those little planes can do. The landing strip was really just a gravely bit of tundra that had been flattened out a bit, if it were a dirt road I would consider it rather rough. It was only about 300m long with a cliff at one end, so the approach was interesting, we flew low over the tundra and from the back of the plane the landing strip was not visible, so it was a bit of a surprise when we passed over the edge of the cliff suddenly hit the ground, dust and gravle were flying all over the place as the plane slowed down on the short air strip. Watching the plane leave was even more impressive, it actually backed just off the end of the gravel, reved it's engines and lurched forward, after bounding down about 200m of bumpy gravel it leapt into the air.
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